NEW: Education Instructors Data Base

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Instructors-data-Base v3

To add or update, please send in information to Major Tamara Myers @

We will add as received.

Thank you!

Section Updates

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Chair – LCDR Jill Malderelli-Drey

Secretary-Treasurer – Major Tamara Myers

Membership Coordinator – Capt Shawnda Bass

Army Liaison – Capt Martina Taylor-Campbell

Navy Liaison – LCDR Eileen Scott

Air Force Liaison – Major Gwen Foster


Requesting Eductation Opportunities

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Is your facility promoting educational opportunities?

Do you have a course or a conference that you would recommend?

If you have ideas or resources for continuing education hours let us know, we all are looking for educational resources.

Email the webmaster and let them know! We would love to promote learning opportunities.